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"MULTI ECO CONSULT" Ltd. is an innovative, flexible, and independent consulting company, founded in 2015. to facilitate the business in the field of environmental legislation. We are a multi-profile consulting firm in the field of the ecology and the environment.

Due to the attempts to synchronize the Bulgarian environmental legislation with the European requirements and frameworks, the first is developing very dynamically, which makes it difficult for future investors and working businesses. The large number of laws and by-laws and the lack of practice in their implementation, lead to confusion and discordance between the requirements for business and the actual situation.

The company has implemented modern and innovative approaches to work with its clients, which increases efficiency and minimizes their commitments in the work process. We have a team of qualified experts who cover the full range of environmental components and factors, and if necessary, we can attract various scientists and proven specialists in specific fields and directions. The long-term teamwork and close cooperation between our experts, allow us to engage and successfully implement projects with a diverse scope and degree of complexity. 

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